About the Program


One of the most effective forms of support you can offer a loved one with cancer is the use of touch. This inspiring program provides detailed instruction by leading experts in Oncology Massage for safe and simple techniques anyone can learn and apply. It follows eleven cancer survivors and caregivers through a workshop as they learn the techniques together. You too can gain new confidence and satisfaction in caring for your loved one! 


Touch, Caring and Cancer is designated by the US National Cancer Institute as a Research-Tested Intervention Program (RTIPS). In a randomized controlled trial cancer survivors had reduced symptoms and side effects of treatment, and improved quality of life. Caregivers gained increased confidence and satisfaction in helping their loved one feel better. The couples also found increased quality of their relationship and communication. 

User Friendly

• Stream on any device

• 78 minute program in 10 chapters

• Pause & review as desired

• On-screen summaries

• Learn simple techniques for comfort

• Learn important safety precautions

• Illustrated manual (PDF)

• FAQs with practical guidance

• Multilingual — 5 languages

• 30-day access period

• Free with organization promo code

What Users Say...

“I've seen the video so many times, I think I know it by heart new. B. really still prefers the ‘loving touch’ on her extremities (head, face, feet and hands). I think it really helps her circulation. She usually takes a nap of 30 – 45 minutes after a session. They really relax her.  We do sessions flat on her back and she always falls asleep afterwards with the dog curled up next to her. This is really helping!  We both look forward to these sessions very much. Thank you for teaching us these techniques.”

“Our sessions have helped maintain a level of intimacy, despite my husband's chemo side effects.”

“It just keeps getting better! She is enjoying these sessions very much and looks forward to them as do I. Thank you so much for teaching us these techniques. What a fantastic experience!! It's been a privilege to be part of this study.  Thank you so much for accepting us.”

“My wife really seemed to enjoy the massage – she dozed a bit. I look forward to the next session. It brings us closer together.”“Last Wednesday he had level five aches and pains – by using the “cat paws” technique I dropped it to a level one in about ten minutes – in another ten minutes he was snoring!! It's been a while since I was this proud of myself!! In a couple of weeks he'll be having radiation for the first time.  I want to go over the manual and video with him again to encourage him to try some other techniques but only the ones he wants – not me!!”

“I am grateful for this therapy that brings us together in a close and loving way and which helps W. to relax and eases her pain.”

“Just want to let you know how wonderful it was the first time we did the caring touch after having pain and/or just ‘hanging on’ physically... to actually feel good – to feel pleasant sensations – what a gift. Thank you.”

“I am glad that I can help relieve W.’s pain. Foot massage works the best for her to calm her back pain. These sessions continue to be very beneficial to both of us and we are thankful for them. Reviewing the entire video at one time this week was a big help. I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to provide this helpful therapy for W. and myself. Thank you.”

“N. was sore from surgery and her neck was stiff. She said the massage helped and I felt great being able to help.”

“My partner really enjoyed the massage provided by me so that really reflects on me and makes me feel very good about myself.  Thank you.”

“J. seems to enjoy the massage sessions and is responding well. J.’s hands seem to be his biggest concern (neuropathy in fingertips) so we tend to focus on the hands the most. It appears the massage increases feeling in the hands.”

“Our sessions have helped maintain a level of intimacy, despite my husband's chemo side effects.”

“It just keeps getting better! She is enjoying these sessions very much and looks forward to them as do I. Thank you so much for teaching us these techniques. What a fantastic experience!! It's been a privilege to be part of this study.  Thank you so much for accepting us.”

“My wife really seemed to enjoy the massage – she dozed a bit. I look forward to the next session. It brings us closer together.”

“T. and I participated in the project. I was the caregiver. I greatly appreciate your efforts and the good that the project produces. The massage became a regular thing. We would do it in the morning after we woke up, not every day but often. It was a very nice way to connect in the morning, to feel caring and in touch not just physically. T. gave feedback on what felt good or not. This was good for me to hear and respond to. The whole project works as a relationship builder. I learned to appreciate her strength, and her desire to fully live her life. I continue to see evidence of her love for me. I know I'm a person who deals well with structure. I really appreciated knowing how enjoyable the touching is for her.”

“B. and I both feel very restful after our sessions. Thank you for this opportunity to learn.”

“We are so happy to have been a part of this study. Our ‘caring and touch’ times have brought us closer together emotionally and have provided a means for relaxing that has meant better sleeping patterns for both of us. Thank you so much for allowing us to be included.”

“J. has become very responsive to head massage, which he likes best and it is easy for me to do almost anywhere. His blood pressure actually dropped when I was doing a head massage--it was the only thing that calmed him down. It's been a wonderful tool!”

“Please be assured that this therapy helped L. and me through her last weeks of her life. It allowed me to show her through my touch, how much I loved her and cared. I know it allowed her to cope with her realization that her end was near... Each session, two, three times and more each day, was a gift we gave to each other. Anyone questioning that this therapy is anything but special to both the giver and recipient is to be discarded. It helped me and L. in the most trying time of both our lives. Please continue your program. It is important to those who wish and need to take care of their spouse or partner and know it is comforting to the recipient. It is a sharing that crosses the physical and the boundaries of the heart, mind and soul. Thanks to all of you…”

“This is so rewarding!”

“These techniques you have taught us have truly improved the quality of both our lives.  Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for doing this study! It has given is the opportunity to relax and heal as well as being closer.”

“First of all, thank you for providing the opportunity to participate... I think these loving, caring hands-on experiences in the face of such a potentially lethal disease, were beneficial to both of us, made us feel closer, and provided new resolve in doing whatever we can -- separately and together -- to survive and thrive. My hope is that such targeted massage becomes standard treatment.”

“I'm sure we will continue doing these techniques in the future since they have been so beneficial for both of us.  Thank you so much!”

“N. really seems to enjoy the touching, and I feel good that I can help her. I am being careful to avoid the area near her surgery (arms and chest). She really enjoys the neck and head massage – she said she had tightness she didn't realize. It definitely relaxes her – brings us closer together.”

“It has been a busy, hectic time for me, and I was wondering if the massage would be just another chore. Yet, when I stop, and take a few minutes to sit quietly with J. and touch him, time expands and the time spent is well worth it.  Thank you.”

“From the program I have gained a greater appreciation for my husband wanting to commit to helping alleviate some my side effects I have experienced while going through cancer treatments. It has helped us to maintain a connection at a time that I have withdrawn myself from an intimate relationship. I really appreciate him committing to the program with me. And thank you for allowing us to be a part of this study. My husband has a co-worker whose wife has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and he has shared the program with them.”

“I find that taking the time to sit quietly relaxes me as well – it turns out there really is time. Most days.”

“Head, face, hands, feet seem to be her favorite touch sites. She benefited very much from feet massage.  It relaxed her and reduced her back pain. It even put her to sleep one time. So, feet massage was always her first choice. We did do the other areas of massage also. We will continue using massage therapy. We both benefit from it. Thank you choosing us to participate in this research study.”

“I've now twice experienced that the night after my massage (which takes place in late afternoon). I sleep more soundly and until later in the morning.”

“What a wonderful time for emotional connection! Fell asleep soon after massage.”

“The manual is helpful and the techniques are quick and easy. We are both enjoying massaging each other. V. and I are becoming much more comfortable with massage techniques. The more you watch the video you can pick out more you can use. He's starting to feel more relaxed. He has been having pain in the back, hands and neck but using the techniques its helpful a lot. He's more relaxed and comfortable.”

“Z.'s hands and right foot had pains that caused her great discomfort.  Massaging and comforting words resulted in its elimination. Her right foot continues to need more treatment than any other body part. However, she is very positive about recovery prospects, and exhibits pleasing, comfortable actions and expressions after sessions.”

“I didn't massage his hands – I tried the acupressure. It actually worked from what he said!  Had to modify some techniques for his type of cancer. And he likes the “cat paws” done out toward the edge of shoulder.”

“M. spent three days this week in the hospital. On several occasions I rubbed her hands and worked on her back, neck and shoulders that bother her when she stays in the bed too long.”

“We feel as though we are progressing nicely with the techniques and C. seems to be enjoying the massage therapy.”

“He wasn't feeling well, but really seemed to enjoy just feet and hands massaged.”

“She really seems to respond best to the extremities (hands, feet, head). I feel that I really am doing something to make her feel better.  Thank you.”

“I do want to thank you for the opportunity to be in the Caring and Cancer Project. It is good for us to have that special time together. Last month we celebrated our 47th anniversary. I'm hoping and Praying that God helps me accept whatever he has in mind for D."

“This program was great for us, because we felt it would give us something we could do for each other. We enjoyed it and learned some very helpful tips on touch and caring. We have always been very close (hold hands, hug, kiss several times a day, etc.). I have been on treatment throughout the program. Purposely trying to find time to touch was actually kind of funny at times because we always have been that way. L. felt that this was something helpful he could do instead of standing back and watching me suffer. He has always treated me so well. I have had a number of complications throughout my treatment over the last sixteen months and he has felt helpless at times even though there was nothing he could do to fix it. He has been extremely attentive and very tender hearted towards my needs and in keeping our home going. He is a tremendous blessing to me daily."

“We have always been blessed with a happy marriage but we are even closer now. What more could one ask for?"

“One point of difficulty for both of us has been the inability to be truly intimate due to problems I have encountered with chemo and radiation treatments and of course his surgery. We did learn some good techniques for relaxation and enjoyed applying the caring and touch to each other. It also made us aware to be consciously sure to touch as I'm sure there are many couples who don't after many years of marriage. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this study.”

“K. and I have a good (nearly 39-year) relationship and soothing touch and muscle rubbing comes naturally to us. I was diagnosed with breast cancer June 25. Had bilateral mastectomies July 11. The Cancer and Caring Project was suggested to us at an oncology appointment. K. certainly offered the massages and touch regularly through the journey and it was a way for us to add connecting. He's said to others it helped him to have something specific to do."

“For Christmas his gift to me was a card saying he was intending to continue 30 minute massages weekly through the coming year :-) So I thank you and him for this continued gift.

“Yes, I am a Breast Cancer Survivor... more accurately a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment survivor... entering the era of thriving again which is my goal.”

“She says, ‘Oh that feels good!’ And I say, ‘That's the whole idea!’  Thank you.”

“I love doing this and appreciate the clear instructions in both the video and manual.  Thank you.”

“I feel very relaxed and my feet today feel very soothed after the massage. A wonderful bonding experience.”

“This was very pleasant, a genuine way for us to connect and feel close/intimate.”

“J. seems to prefer the head, neck, face, shoulders, back and hands instead of doing much shorter times on everything. At night if he's restless I rub his back lightly. He has quite a few severe hand  cramps from time to time and the massage seems to help.”

“I fall asleep during massage!”

“I am more relaxed after I give massage. Centers me down  -- calms me and makes me joyful.”

“It feels good to have this treatment mentally and physically.”

"Nice way to end the day.”

“Massage has become a part of our routine. We both enjoy the comfort of the massage.”

“This is such a bonding time for G. and I. It has been a very great pleasure to participate in this study. I hope it helps in future treatment. G. and I plan to continue with it.”

“L. has been in the hospital. Massage has been helpful for me to feel I'm doing something to help her. She has been very stressed, and seems much more relaxed during and after receiving massage.”

“It was mutually pleasurable and very communicative of our feelings for each other.”

“Really relaxing. Makes the pain go away.”

“Patient fell asleep – very relaxing!”

“We have found both the manual and the video very helpful during our sessions.  I particularly find the video helpful as I learn best by observation and hands-on, repetitious activity. I am amazed at how the range of motion increases after massages. C. comments that it last for at least a day. This entire study has been very beneficial to both C. and me... She has pain in the neck and upper back areas regularly and the massage therapy seems to help relax her.”

“Thanks for allowing us to participate.  I plan to give M. a 20-30 min massage at least once a week.”

“This type of relaxation technique  --  massage – has proved to be very relaxing and a real stress reducer for the patient. I'm sure it is even more effective when the patient is in the middle of intense treatments; i.e., initial appointments, chemo, surgery and/or radiation. Thank you for opportunity to be part of your study.”

“J. is doing well. It seems the project has really helped his progress in a positive way.”

“Touch and caring are very soothing even though pain remains.”

“The project helps me to slow down and be present in quiet touching.  Thank you.”

“N. really enjoys the head/neck massage – she seemed a little tense starting out, but quickly relaxed and ended up very calm. I worked on her feet also which she likes. She seemed to really enjoy it – she fell asleep during the massage. Later she massaged my feet! What a deal!”

“It is a joy to watch L. relax and let go of things as we use touch techniques. I find it is very relaxing too myself. I am able to let go of stress as I use the techniques. We are enjoying our time together and the joy it brings to us both.”

“We really enjoy how relaxed we both become doing the massage.”

“Wonderful – enjoying the closer bond we have developed.”

“I enjoy this as much as L. It relaxes me as much as her.”

“We both look forward to these sessions. Thank you.”

“M. had a headache and neck ache today.  I'm glad I could make her feel better.”

"Thanks to you and your staff for allowing us to be a part of the Caring and Cancer Project. The benefits we received from being a part of the program were immeasurable. I was the partner that experienced the cancer and the treatments. I honestly believe that the Project was instrumental in helping us stay focused on each other instead of the side effects of treatment."

"Each week when we would reconnect through massage... it helped me focus and relax. Because of that I was able to realize that I was not alone in this and could better tackle the week that lay ahead whether I was facing chemo or radiation. I was more prepared because I was able to refocus in a beneficial way. Each session brought us closer instead of farther apart and added a sweetness to our lives that would have been missed otherwise. Our relationship is much stronger and there is a deeper trust that has developed between us. Being involved in the program has bonded us and given us memories that will stay with us forever."

"I appreciate so much the training... I believe the Project helped me recover at a faster pace and kept me healthier during my treatment. I am now three months out of treatment and am walking five miles a day." 

"Touch shows Care. Through Care flows Strength. Strength leads to Healing so that we can Touch the lives of others. Thank you for Touching and Caring for us."

"TOUCH, CARING & CANCER is a wonderful video. It showed me and my husband how he could safely administer gentle massage. Both our shared experience of touch (he giving me the massage & me receiving) and the enormous muscle tension/ pain relief I experienced from the massages have been remarkable. I am now 10 weeks post surgery and am done with chemo & radiation. The gentle massages my husband continues to provide keep my morale positive and have strengthened our relationship."